Friday, 22 February 2013

Only A Couple

The last outfit shots I took while I was at home They're so late up because I wasn't sure whether to bother posting them. I was pretty rushed what with having to pack and catch a train and all so I only managed to take two decent photos of this outfit, and one of them isn't even focussed properly! But in the end I decided to  post them because I really like this outfit. It's nothing really that special but I feel like its really me: dark colours, loose fitted tops, comfy and laid back. The cardigan is another one of my new purchases I got from Primark while I was home, it didn't really look much on the hanger but its really flattering when on!

 Tee - New Look
Cardigan - Primark
Leggings - River Island
Earings - New Look
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Originally my mum's so I don't know where they're from!

Do you have a favourite outfit which probably isn't super stylish but you just feel really at home in? I'd like to think my style is pretty laid back and that's what I feel this outfit encompasses. 


Wednesday, 20 February 2013


The second outfit I managed to get some snaps of while at home. This consists almost entirely of the new buys I sneekily purchased for myself on Saturday - so far I have avoided looking at my bank balance! I know this is technically quite a summery dress but with a black blazer I think I can make it work for this time of year! Unfortunately I didn't have mine with me at home so I couldn't put it in the post. Without the breeakup of colour with the black blazer this outfit is looking very blue indeed!

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. I think the skater style really suits me, in fact I think it suits most body shapes! It seemed like every item I picked up on Saturday was blue and white stripes, but I managed to restrain myself and only buy one piece of a nautical nature! But for £5 I really couldn't walk away from this dress! I know I will wear it so much, especially when the weather gets warmer because its just one of those pieces which looks great with almost everything in my wardrobe!

Dress - Primark
Scarf - New Look
Tights - New Look
Shoes - Primark
Earings - So old I have no idea where they are from sorry!

Has anyone else been noticing the nautical trend creeping back into the shops of late? I hate that Spring/Summer collections come into the shops so soon because it just depresses me about the current weather situation!


Monday, 18 February 2013

The Verdidct

If you didn't read my post on Valentines Day about my feelings towards all things mushy I highly recommend you do so now (by clicking here) to give you a bit of background to this post! If you already have read that post, then I left you with no explanation as to why I did a 360 on my feelings and decided to go the whole hog on Valentines this year. Well allow me to fill you in!

It all came about because I desperately wanted to see Beautiful Creatures when it came out at the cinema after reading the book and loving it, but because of other commitments we couldn't make it on the day of its release yesterday. The Boy then suggested going today *insert major say whattttttttttt face here*. But before I had chance to protest he assured me it would be nothing romantic and that we could even sit 5 seats away from each other! At this point I realised he was taking the mick and figured the mere fact that it is Valentines Day should not stop me doing something that I wanted to do anyway, so we set a date. A week or so later I mentioned a bar I wanted to go to because I'd been researching places to go in Manchester after feeling that I never really went anywhere new. The Boy then suggested we go to this bar after the cinema. Now I was now beginning to think that I was being tricked into 'doing Valentines' against my wishes! But after some consideration I realised that I can't really take such a firm stance against V Day when I've never given it a chance. So I decided to take the 'don't knock it till you've tried it' approach and go a step further than is strictly necessary in order to fully embrace the experience and give it a fair chance. At this point we were already going to the cinema and to a bar for drinks - very respectable plans for the 14th of February. But in the spirit of the day I suggested going to a tapas restaurant we wanted to go to, AND going to a comedy club because a) I've never been to one and b) I felt we were being a bit too cliché with the whole dinner and a movie thing.

So the day eventually arrived and this happened:

So if you read my original post about Valentines you may realise that I wasn't exactly expecting to be showered with gifts since I really don't believe in the whole commercialism of V day. But I am about to eat all of my words in that post. I was actually really happy, not to mention completely shocked, when the Boy surprised me with some!

This is roughly how the day went....We were supposed to meet in town, but I was rushing around as usual running late to meet him. Then as I'm sat doing my hair my bedroom door opens and in strolls the Boy, Egg McMuffin and giant card in hand! Since I was in a rush I hadn't had breakfast yet so the McMuffin was perf! Now as you can see from the photos the giant card was a bit of a joke gift. He knows how much I don't like Valentines and how cheesey I think it is (and if he wasn't completely sure before, he was once he read my ranting post!), so he replaced the word Valentines Day with Cheese Day and the word girlfriend with wench. How romantic! But honestly I actually thought the card was pretty cute, because if someone had given me the original card with no alterations and in all seriousness it would show that they completely did not know me at all.

So then we went and had our very full day, cinema (I really don't rate Beautiful Creatures as a film at all, especially if you've read the book!), drinks, dinner and a comedy club. And it was one of the best days I've had in ages! Just really chilled, and the food was amazing. We got pretty merry drinking lots of wine too and the comedy show was hilarious, definitely something I would go to again!

After we got back home after a long day out, which actually felt like it had only lasted a couple of hours, the last thing I expected was more surprises! The Boy told me to close my eyes and then presented me with a bouquet of flowers, Lindt chocolates (which I am obsessed with) and scrabble jewellery! Now I know I went on about gifts in my last post, but I was really happy with mine - yes, I'm a hypocrite! I have been wanting a Scrabble ring for ages but have just never got around to buying myself one so I think its really sweet that the Boy remembered! He got me a red one because he said the white ones were to common and he wanted it to be a bit different, and I love the necklace too although I think I might use it for ornamental purposes somewhere in my room draped over the corner of my mirror or something, more than I will wear it since its a little on the short side. Yes the chocolates and flowers are cliché but the flowers make my room look pretty and the chocolates tasted lovely, so I'm going to allow myself a little bit of clichéd cheese!

I apologise if I have come across as all mushy and loved up in this post, I will endeavour to go back to my anti-romance self in any future posts I write about relationships (for the record I do not plan on writing any posts on relationships because I would find that really awkward and cringy!) As always I love to hear your comments, even if you cut me down for being a loved up, cheesy, romance loving V Day worshiper and to be honest I wouldn't blame you!


Saturday, 16 February 2013


1/ Me getting my sketch on 2/ Scrabble jewellery and Lindor chocolates for Valentines 3/ Roses for Valentines 4/ A little V Day rivalry 5/ Nights out with friends 6/ I need another night out on Canal Street 7/ I ordered a water in McDonalds and this is what I got... 8/ Being vain 9/ Primark caviare nails 10/ One of my other alternative V Day outfits 11/ Another V Day outfit alternative 12/ Travelling back to Manchester 

Tomorrow's post will be my Valentines Day verdict...don't shoot me when you hear my thoughts! 


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mixed Views

So I can't ignore the elephant in the room. It's Valentines Day.

Traditionally I have never been a fan of Valentines. It symbolises everything I hate since I have been a very anti-cheese person my entire life. I'll quickly summarise the three things I mainly have issue with so you know where I'm coming from, although in actual fact my list is never ending!

1/ PDA 
Is it REALLY necessary do it where everyone can see? You're making me queasy. Especially since its Valentines and everyone knows the only reason you're doing it is because you feel you have to be romantic today.

2/ Public Declarations of Love
Never ever ever ever ever tell someone you love them loudly so the whole room hears, do not serenade someone publicly (or privately, its weird.)

3/ Cuddely Toys and Soppy Cards
Unnecessary waste of money on tacky items that will only be thrown in he bin. Its all such a money making scheme!

(Not my own image, click photo for link back to original site)

Because of these rather strong feelings I have about Valentines Day I have, as you probably guessed, never gone on a date on Valentines as a matter of principle. I have never bought anyone a gift or card or done anything remotely romantic. Now I am aware that I am coming across as a massive Valentines Day Scrooge here! I don't hate romance at all, I think it can be really sweet - but personally I don't think romance can be found in huge ostentatious gestures or in generic gifts which don't have any personal value. I also don't believe that you should be romantic on V day, its not a day that's personal to you as a couple like an anniversary, its just a random day in the calendar! Valentines day is also so not fair on everyone who is single. Because it makes you feel like everyone else in world has someone and you don't - as if there aren't days where you feel like this anyway without the excess roses and hearts everywhere in the lead up to the 14th! If you're a perfectly happily singleton then you should not be made to feel like you need someone else in your life for it to have true meaning and is after all mainly only advertising companies who are responsible for this!

(None of these photos are my own, unfortunately I don't know where they are originally from but you can find them all on my Pintrest account here)

Having said all of this I am now about to be a massive hypocrite. This year I am celebrating Valentines and actually quite looking forward to it. Yes I know, I disgust myself! After originally telling the Boy that we were staying in and watching films because we would not be associated with those showy lovey-dovey couples who will all be out having a meal or going for drinks or going to the cinema - we are now doing all of the above AND going to a comedy club. Now before you shoot me down for being a closeted V Day lover you have to hear the story behind this dramatic U-turn, unfortunately you will have to stay tuned for my next post to read all about that little anecdote!

However, I will leave you with a little tit bit! This is what I am wearing, well right now by the time this post goes out. Despite abhorring Valentines Day I do see it as an excuse to dress up even if I'm not going anywhere. I generally aim for something girly, so a skirt or a dress; then have V Day themed nails because as you probably know I do a lot of nail art; and I will also put slightly more effort into my hair than the just got out of bed look! I had three potential Valentines outfits and couldn't decide between them, so put it to a vote on Instagram and Twitter. This one won by a landslide so I hope you like it!

Let me know how you feel about Valentines Day and if you have any plans today!? I'm sorry if you love it and I've just ruined it for you with my my defence I did end on a positive note!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Little Birdy Told Me

Here's the first of the three outfits I managed to snap while I was back home. I really love this shirt, but the only problem is I HAVE to wear a cami underneath because it's ridiculously revealing if I don't! Stupid me didn't take any close up shots of the pattern but its gorgeous little blue birds, and there are studs on the tips of the collars.

Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Zara
Denim Jacket - Zara
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Earings - New Look

For a while I've been thinking about perming my hair. I did it once before but the curl never took and it ended up just looking like I'd crimped it. Well I thought I'd give it another shot at the weekend! My hair has never really kept curls (even though it used to be ringlets when I was little!!) within a few hours they will have dropped out no matter how much hairspray I use! So I went for the perm. It didn't work. I wasted 3 hours of my evening, and have now seriously damaged my hair but have nothing to show for it! Its not curly or even wavy! However, parts of my hair are seriously dry and frazzled, my hair was sticky in parts even after washing and drying and I can't brush those bits because they are likely to break off. I've been putting leave in conditioner on my hair twice a day, as well and shampooing and using a hair mask daily to try and restore its health! The curls you can see in these photos were done with sponge rollers which I slept in overnight. The one positive which has come from all this drama is that my hair should retain its curl better now, but it is soooo not worth all the hassle and damage! So if ANY of you are considering perming your hair, I would say 100% that you should get it done in a salon. If you're anything like me there's no point telling you not to get it done, because you want curly hair so you won't listen. But at least if you get it done by professionals they know exactly what they are doing and how to fix it if it goes wrong!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Always Rushing

Firstly, apologies for the obvious fact that I'm on the phone in the first photo! This is not weirdly staged, I was genuinely on the phone, and somehow thought that you might not be able to see the phone in the shot. Clearly I was wrong and you can definitely see the phone! In my defence I was very rushed when taking these OOTD photos and was ringing my Grandad to wish him a happy 70th birthday. I caught the train home later that day and surprised him by turning up at home in the evening when he hadn't expected me back at all! I kept the photo in the post anyway because it came out the clearest out of all the others, and its the only one where I'm wearing my scarf.

Dress - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Zara
Scarf - Primark
Necklace - Market
Nails - Essie

I also wore my super cosy tights from Primark, and some flat black ballet pumps, but unfortunately didn't have time to snap them before I had to dash off! I really love this Topshop dress and have only really worn it on nights out since I think its more of a summertime dress, but paired with my thick tights and a fleece lined jacket I actually think it transitions quite well into winter wear!

How do you transition your summer dresses to wear in the winter? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and as usual, check out your blogs if you leave a link in the comment box :)


Saturday, 9 February 2013


1/ My hair first thing in the morning, after blow drying and sleeping with it in a bun
2/ Chinese blossom tree nails
3/ The pains of having excema.....this prescription set me back a tidy sum as well!
4/ Rimmel Liptstick (I can't remember what shade it is sorry!)
5/ Mmmmmmm Chocolate Magnum Infinity
6/ My new New Look ring and my OOTD for shopping with my mum

I've been home this weekend so I'm taking this opportunity to take a few outfit photos with a bit of change of scenery to the norm. Also planning a bedrooms post, so I'll take some photos of my bedroom back home (which is definitely superior) and my one up in Manchester and compare the two :)

Hope everyone has had a good week! Leave links to your blog and I'll pop by and have a look! :)


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feeling Professional

I've got a couple of job interviews today!! I currently work at New Look so I'm not really required to dress smartly, just in New Look stock - which is kind of boring because formal wear is a whole avenue of clothes which I don't really get a chance to explore. So I'm taking this opportunity to pull out my dogtooth jersey pencil skirt I bought last year, I really love it but don't wear it too much as I feel overly dressy. I've scheduled this post to go up AFTER my interviews because I'm really weird and superstitious and don't want to jinx it by posting about it. That sounds a bit weird right?

I didn't actually realise until I started writing this that my WHOLE outfit was New Look! Oops.

 Cropped Cream Blouse - New Look
Dogtooth Pencil Skirt - New Look
Black Waist Belt - New Look
Collar Tips Chain - New Look
Leather Jacket - New Look
Floppy Hat - New Look

Erm yeah sorry about the one-branded outfit there, in my defense I have worked there a long time and I get a lot of discount! I will vary my brands in future OOTD posts I promise!!

Do you get to wear office wear at your work? If you do, would I get away with this at your work place? I've tried to be formal but still stylish by adding my accessories. Let me know what you think in the comments section and as always leave a link to your blog and I'll come by to check you out


Monday, 4 February 2013

Its The Little Things

Today I have been in a VERY happy place! I don't really want to publish it on the world wide web at the minute just in case I jinx it! But let's just say recently there have been some rather exciting developments in my life! So in order to maintain my happy mood in the future on days when the world isn't treating me as well as it is now, and when even my best laid plans fall short of perfection I'm going to share with you all things you can do lift your spirits and make you happy about the little things in life!

1/ Light Candles
Winter up here in the north of England is not very cheerful. It snowed a few weeks back which was great, but generally it's a pretty depressing time what with it being dark the majority of the day, being cold and rainy - not to mention having to cover up all your lovely fashionable clothes with excess layers and massive coats. So to cheer yourself up on these dreery winter nights, switch off the main light and switch on a dim atmospheric lamp or two and light as many candles as your house can old without breaking fire regulations! They really so make you feel a lot cosier and more at home - if you get scented ones too they make your room smell lovely and make your nose happy.

2/ Do Something You Love
Yeah it does seem obvious, but I'm talking about something you haven't done in ages but you really love doing. Rack your brain, there will be something! So when I was at home I used to draw a lot, and I don't really do it as much these days, but a while ago my Nan bought me a new sketch pad and every so often it makes me happy to pick it up and do some sketches. Similarly, I used to knit like all the time, but since I've moved up to Manchester I've found I tend to blog or do uni work while I'm watching TV instead of knitting - I haven't actually gotten around to knitting again, but I really should because I love seeing a piece finished and knowing it was me who made it.

3/ Spend Time With Friends
I know these seems an obvious thing to do to cheer yourself up. But recently because of everything going on I don't feel like I've spent enough time with my housemates. Our schedules just don't seem to match up and we never have spare time together. But recently we had a girl day and went to nandos, watched a film and painted our nails just like we used to. I think its really important to spend as much time with your friends as possible, after all they are the family we chose for ourselves, the people we tell our secrets to and the ones who can cheer us up no matter how miserable we are feeling! Roll on another girly day some time soon after all these bloody uni deadlines are done with!

4/ Exercise
Just hear me out! I hate the thought of exercise. I loathe it with every inch of my lazy body. I don't bother owning gym membership because I will never go and it is just a waste of my money. And I won't take the alternative: free exercise ie a jog or situps because a) I'm not motivated to do it at all and b) I go bright red when I jog and I'm all sweaty and I feel like people are staring at me. Now if you feel the way I do about exercise you're probably going to ignore this tip for feeling happier and go straight to number 4, but I actually think that its just about finding the right kind of exercise for you. (Yes I know I sound like a keep fit advert) Like I said I hate the gym, and I hate running, but I used to dance regularly and I loved it, I was so much more flexible back then too and after exercise EVERYONE, even me, feels happy. Its a scientific fact. Now I don't dance anymore but I do love swimming, especially the smell! And after I've been I feel really good, mainly because for once in my life I actually did some exercise but also because being active just makes you feel more awake and alert

Hope these little tips help you feel a bit better in yourself when you're feeling down. Let me know if you have any of you're own!


Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm a little bit addicted to Instagram and I've started using it to its full potential recently, so I thought I would do a weekly Instagram post on here on Saturdays - hence it being called Satagram!

1/ My ootd: Primark shirt & Discopants
2/ Erm me and the boyfriend went a bit mental in Asda!
3/ Superman Nails
4/ Falling snow Nails
5/ Waiting for the bus: Primark shoes, Discopants, Topshop bag
6/ My new Soap & Glory lip crayon - LOVE!

I feel I kind of need to justify the second photo! We did NOT eat all of that food, in fact we've barely touched it - apart from the oreo Dairy Milk which we devoured pretty quickly! I have been looking for that blasted chocolate in every store I've been in and I was overly happy when I found it! Also if you haven't tried Asda's own blueberry muffin flavoured milk, I highly recommend that you do! 

I've been posting a lot of nail art photos on here recently, and I'm going to start showing some tutorials for the tricksier ones like the Superman nails. Also I'm going to start scheduling posts so I organize my blog better and ensure that I always get my posts up 

Hope you like this kind of post! As usual let me know you thoughts in the comment section below and if you want to leave a link to your own site I always pop by to have a look at what you're up to too!