Wednesday, 20 February 2013


The second outfit I managed to get some snaps of while at home. This consists almost entirely of the new buys I sneekily purchased for myself on Saturday - so far I have avoided looking at my bank balance! I know this is technically quite a summery dress but with a black blazer I think I can make it work for this time of year! Unfortunately I didn't have mine with me at home so I couldn't put it in the post. Without the breeakup of colour with the black blazer this outfit is looking very blue indeed!

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. I think the skater style really suits me, in fact I think it suits most body shapes! It seemed like every item I picked up on Saturday was blue and white stripes, but I managed to restrain myself and only buy one piece of a nautical nature! But for £5 I really couldn't walk away from this dress! I know I will wear it so much, especially when the weather gets warmer because its just one of those pieces which looks great with almost everything in my wardrobe!

Dress - Primark
Scarf - New Look
Tights - New Look
Shoes - Primark
Earings - So old I have no idea where they are from sorry!

Has anyone else been noticing the nautical trend creeping back into the shops of late? I hate that Spring/Summer collections come into the shops so soon because it just depresses me about the current weather situation!


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