Monday, 4 February 2013

Its The Little Things

Today I have been in a VERY happy place! I don't really want to publish it on the world wide web at the minute just in case I jinx it! But let's just say recently there have been some rather exciting developments in my life! So in order to maintain my happy mood in the future on days when the world isn't treating me as well as it is now, and when even my best laid plans fall short of perfection I'm going to share with you all things you can do lift your spirits and make you happy about the little things in life!

1/ Light Candles
Winter up here in the north of England is not very cheerful. It snowed a few weeks back which was great, but generally it's a pretty depressing time what with it being dark the majority of the day, being cold and rainy - not to mention having to cover up all your lovely fashionable clothes with excess layers and massive coats. So to cheer yourself up on these dreery winter nights, switch off the main light and switch on a dim atmospheric lamp or two and light as many candles as your house can old without breaking fire regulations! They really so make you feel a lot cosier and more at home - if you get scented ones too they make your room smell lovely and make your nose happy.

2/ Do Something You Love
Yeah it does seem obvious, but I'm talking about something you haven't done in ages but you really love doing. Rack your brain, there will be something! So when I was at home I used to draw a lot, and I don't really do it as much these days, but a while ago my Nan bought me a new sketch pad and every so often it makes me happy to pick it up and do some sketches. Similarly, I used to knit like all the time, but since I've moved up to Manchester I've found I tend to blog or do uni work while I'm watching TV instead of knitting - I haven't actually gotten around to knitting again, but I really should because I love seeing a piece finished and knowing it was me who made it.

3/ Spend Time With Friends
I know these seems an obvious thing to do to cheer yourself up. But recently because of everything going on I don't feel like I've spent enough time with my housemates. Our schedules just don't seem to match up and we never have spare time together. But recently we had a girl day and went to nandos, watched a film and painted our nails just like we used to. I think its really important to spend as much time with your friends as possible, after all they are the family we chose for ourselves, the people we tell our secrets to and the ones who can cheer us up no matter how miserable we are feeling! Roll on another girly day some time soon after all these bloody uni deadlines are done with!

4/ Exercise
Just hear me out! I hate the thought of exercise. I loathe it with every inch of my lazy body. I don't bother owning gym membership because I will never go and it is just a waste of my money. And I won't take the alternative: free exercise ie a jog or situps because a) I'm not motivated to do it at all and b) I go bright red when I jog and I'm all sweaty and I feel like people are staring at me. Now if you feel the way I do about exercise you're probably going to ignore this tip for feeling happier and go straight to number 4, but I actually think that its just about finding the right kind of exercise for you. (Yes I know I sound like a keep fit advert) Like I said I hate the gym, and I hate running, but I used to dance regularly and I loved it, I was so much more flexible back then too and after exercise EVERYONE, even me, feels happy. Its a scientific fact. Now I don't dance anymore but I do love swimming, especially the smell! And after I've been I feel really good, mainly because for once in my life I actually did some exercise but also because being active just makes you feel more awake and alert

Hope these little tips help you feel a bit better in yourself when you're feeling down. Let me know if you have any of you're own!



  1. Awww this was so cute and definitely something thats needed with the winter blues :( I love candles!


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  3. I actually LOVE to exercise haha but if you're too lazy to go to the gym, you could try out 'blogilates' on YouTube, the instructor is so much fun and it's so easy to do in the comfort of your (possibly messy and full of clothing) room. Just a tip!

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