Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mixed Views

So I can't ignore the elephant in the room. It's Valentines Day.

Traditionally I have never been a fan of Valentines. It symbolises everything I hate since I have been a very anti-cheese person my entire life. I'll quickly summarise the three things I mainly have issue with so you know where I'm coming from, although in actual fact my list is never ending!

1/ PDA 
Is it REALLY necessary do it where everyone can see? You're making me queasy. Especially since its Valentines and everyone knows the only reason you're doing it is because you feel you have to be romantic today.

2/ Public Declarations of Love
Never ever ever ever ever tell someone you love them loudly so the whole room hears, do not serenade someone publicly (or privately, its weird.)

3/ Cuddely Toys and Soppy Cards
Unnecessary waste of money on tacky items that will only be thrown in he bin. Its all such a money making scheme!

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Because of these rather strong feelings I have about Valentines Day I have, as you probably guessed, never gone on a date on Valentines as a matter of principle. I have never bought anyone a gift or card or done anything remotely romantic. Now I am aware that I am coming across as a massive Valentines Day Scrooge here! I don't hate romance at all, I think it can be really sweet - but personally I don't think romance can be found in huge ostentatious gestures or in generic gifts which don't have any personal value. I also don't believe that you should be romantic on V day, its not a day that's personal to you as a couple like an anniversary, its just a random day in the calendar! Valentines day is also so not fair on everyone who is single. Because it makes you feel like everyone else in world has someone and you don't - as if there aren't days where you feel like this anyway without the excess roses and hearts everywhere in the lead up to the 14th! If you're a perfectly happily singleton then you should not be made to feel like you need someone else in your life for it to have true meaning and is after all mainly only advertising companies who are responsible for this!

(None of these photos are my own, unfortunately I don't know where they are originally from but you can find them all on my Pintrest account here)

Having said all of this I am now about to be a massive hypocrite. This year I am celebrating Valentines and actually quite looking forward to it. Yes I know, I disgust myself! After originally telling the Boy that we were staying in and watching films because we would not be associated with those showy lovey-dovey couples who will all be out having a meal or going for drinks or going to the cinema - we are now doing all of the above AND going to a comedy club. Now before you shoot me down for being a closeted V Day lover you have to hear the story behind this dramatic U-turn, unfortunately you will have to stay tuned for my next post to read all about that little anecdote!

However, I will leave you with a little tit bit! This is what I am wearing, well right now by the time this post goes out. Despite abhorring Valentines Day I do see it as an excuse to dress up even if I'm not going anywhere. I generally aim for something girly, so a skirt or a dress; then have V Day themed nails because as you probably know I do a lot of nail art; and I will also put slightly more effort into my hair than the just got out of bed look! I had three potential Valentines outfits and couldn't decide between them, so put it to a vote on Instagram and Twitter. This one won by a landslide so I hope you like it!

Let me know how you feel about Valentines Day and if you have any plans today!? I'm sorry if you love it and I've just ruined it for you with my my defence I did end on a positive note!



  1. I've never been into Valentines either, puts me in a foul mood whether I'm single or not! Lol. Thanks for following me, I'm following right back! Love your outfit, I'm wearing a mini-skirt and knee-high socks today too, hahahah! <3

  2. Im not overly into valentines day either x

  3. hahahahah this is my fave post. brilliant.

    PDAs do my nut in.

    also that skirt is so cute, wheres it from? xxx


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