Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm a little bit addicted to Instagram and I've started using it to its full potential recently, so I thought I would do a weekly Instagram post on here on Saturdays - hence it being called Satagram!

1/ My ootd: Primark shirt & Discopants
2/ Erm me and the boyfriend went a bit mental in Asda!
3/ Superman Nails
4/ Falling snow Nails
5/ Waiting for the bus: Primark shoes, Discopants, Topshop bag
6/ My new Soap & Glory lip crayon - LOVE!

I feel I kind of need to justify the second photo! We did NOT eat all of that food, in fact we've barely touched it - apart from the oreo Dairy Milk which we devoured pretty quickly! I have been looking for that blasted chocolate in every store I've been in and I was overly happy when I found it! Also if you haven't tried Asda's own blueberry muffin flavoured milk, I highly recommend that you do! 

I've been posting a lot of nail art photos on here recently, and I'm going to start showing some tutorials for the tricksier ones like the Superman nails. Also I'm going to start scheduling posts so I organize my blog better and ensure that I always get my posts up 

Hope you like this kind of post! As usual let me know you thoughts in the comment section below and if you want to leave a link to your own site I always pop by to have a look at what you're up to too!



  1. Hey ! I just found your blog and liked your style :)

    I'm following you and if you would like to mine :

    Have fun! :)

  2. hey great blog!

    please enter my first giveaway on my blog!

    rachael x

  3. Hi just came across your lovely blog. DAIRYMILK OREO IS HEAVENLY!! I'll let you in a on a secret, me and my boyfriend always take trips to Sainbury's or somewhere and just buy so much stuff (for no reason) and barely eat all of it, the prospect is just fun I guess haha. Really like you're T-bar primark shoes, want to get my hands on a pair but they don't sell them in the Primark near me anymore! Great post.

    If you have a chance, take a little look at my blog?
    If you like it, we could follow each other? Lucy :) Xx

  4. I'm obsessed with asda milkshakes! Never tried to the blueberry though, sounds sickly but oh so good. Love this weeks nails too, especially the white speckled ones :) xo

  5. YUM blueberry muffin flavoured milk sounds amazing! I wish I had a phone that do do instagram, instead of my brick!
    Daniella x


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