Monday, 18 February 2013

The Verdidct

If you didn't read my post on Valentines Day about my feelings towards all things mushy I highly recommend you do so now (by clicking here) to give you a bit of background to this post! If you already have read that post, then I left you with no explanation as to why I did a 360 on my feelings and decided to go the whole hog on Valentines this year. Well allow me to fill you in!

It all came about because I desperately wanted to see Beautiful Creatures when it came out at the cinema after reading the book and loving it, but because of other commitments we couldn't make it on the day of its release yesterday. The Boy then suggested going today *insert major say whattttttttttt face here*. But before I had chance to protest he assured me it would be nothing romantic and that we could even sit 5 seats away from each other! At this point I realised he was taking the mick and figured the mere fact that it is Valentines Day should not stop me doing something that I wanted to do anyway, so we set a date. A week or so later I mentioned a bar I wanted to go to because I'd been researching places to go in Manchester after feeling that I never really went anywhere new. The Boy then suggested we go to this bar after the cinema. Now I was now beginning to think that I was being tricked into 'doing Valentines' against my wishes! But after some consideration I realised that I can't really take such a firm stance against V Day when I've never given it a chance. So I decided to take the 'don't knock it till you've tried it' approach and go a step further than is strictly necessary in order to fully embrace the experience and give it a fair chance. At this point we were already going to the cinema and to a bar for drinks - very respectable plans for the 14th of February. But in the spirit of the day I suggested going to a tapas restaurant we wanted to go to, AND going to a comedy club because a) I've never been to one and b) I felt we were being a bit too cliché with the whole dinner and a movie thing.

So the day eventually arrived and this happened:

So if you read my original post about Valentines you may realise that I wasn't exactly expecting to be showered with gifts since I really don't believe in the whole commercialism of V day. But I am about to eat all of my words in that post. I was actually really happy, not to mention completely shocked, when the Boy surprised me with some!

This is roughly how the day went....We were supposed to meet in town, but I was rushing around as usual running late to meet him. Then as I'm sat doing my hair my bedroom door opens and in strolls the Boy, Egg McMuffin and giant card in hand! Since I was in a rush I hadn't had breakfast yet so the McMuffin was perf! Now as you can see from the photos the giant card was a bit of a joke gift. He knows how much I don't like Valentines and how cheesey I think it is (and if he wasn't completely sure before, he was once he read my ranting post!), so he replaced the word Valentines Day with Cheese Day and the word girlfriend with wench. How romantic! But honestly I actually thought the card was pretty cute, because if someone had given me the original card with no alterations and in all seriousness it would show that they completely did not know me at all.

So then we went and had our very full day, cinema (I really don't rate Beautiful Creatures as a film at all, especially if you've read the book!), drinks, dinner and a comedy club. And it was one of the best days I've had in ages! Just really chilled, and the food was amazing. We got pretty merry drinking lots of wine too and the comedy show was hilarious, definitely something I would go to again!

After we got back home after a long day out, which actually felt like it had only lasted a couple of hours, the last thing I expected was more surprises! The Boy told me to close my eyes and then presented me with a bouquet of flowers, Lindt chocolates (which I am obsessed with) and scrabble jewellery! Now I know I went on about gifts in my last post, but I was really happy with mine - yes, I'm a hypocrite! I have been wanting a Scrabble ring for ages but have just never got around to buying myself one so I think its really sweet that the Boy remembered! He got me a red one because he said the white ones were to common and he wanted it to be a bit different, and I love the necklace too although I think I might use it for ornamental purposes somewhere in my room draped over the corner of my mirror or something, more than I will wear it since its a little on the short side. Yes the chocolates and flowers are cliché but the flowers make my room look pretty and the chocolates tasted lovely, so I'm going to allow myself a little bit of clichéd cheese!

I apologise if I have come across as all mushy and loved up in this post, I will endeavour to go back to my anti-romance self in any future posts I write about relationships (for the record I do not plan on writing any posts on relationships because I would find that really awkward and cringy!) As always I love to hear your comments, even if you cut me down for being a loved up, cheesy, romance loving V Day worshiper and to be honest I wouldn't blame you!



  1. That card is freaking hilarious <3

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! I'm the most romantic person you could imagine and had to spend Valentines alone because my boyfriend went to football training instead! Fun! That card he gave you was so funny! He sounds like a keeper!

    Christina x

  3. Don't be ashamed to be mushy sometimes! I personally have nothing against a day that celebrates love. I'm glad you had a fantastic time :) xo


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