Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Weekend in Leeds

I've been going to Leeds quite a bit recently because the Boy moved back there last month. Since its getting to be a big part of my life I thought i'd share it on here. I was going to put these photos on instagram first but I reserved their publication for my blog because it feels more personal and there's an instagram roll in the side bar, so if I put them there first I'd ruin the element of surprise!!

Fitting room selfie to show you my outfit, the cream top was a new from Mango and I love it, in fact I'll be doing a proper outfit post with it soon so watch this space! (top: mango, blazer; H&M, skirt: H&M, necklaces: accessorize and topshop)

Unfortunately the Boy had to go to work for a bit on Sunday so I met up with my friend Kieran for dinner and a few drinks, it was such a good night and I ended up drinking a lot more than I intended!! Sadly this meant I didn't get any of the intended uni work or blogging done that I hadllanned for that night!!! But I will catch up I swear!

Nom nom, tasty fruity cocktails!

We did spend the whole day together on Monday though, and we found these giant reflective balls by Clarence docks which amused us for a good five minutes!! I wanted to climb up the statue and sit on the ball, but I got scared someone would come tell me off...also I was in a skirt so climbing wasn't the best idea!



Friday, 18 October 2013

Aumtumn Beauty Favourites

So today I tried something completely new to me and pretty scary - I filmed my first YouTube video! Its been something I've been wanting to do for a while, but not had the courage to do, and even now I've filmed a video which doesn't have me in it at all because I'm not quite ready to hear the sound of my own voice on the internet. I decided to do a video for this post because I was having a hard job photographing my make up this morning and I thought videoing my pieces might be a bit easier. I'll talk you through some of my pieces on here anyway since I didn't want to do a voice over and I'd like to explain a little about some of my choices.

Nail Varnishes

As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a nail varnish addict, and I am certainly planning on doing some nail art tutorials on here in the future. I love Barry M nail varnish - as you can probably see for yourself. I love the range of colours that they do, the brush inside is easy to use too, they are brilliantly priced and they look brilliant when they are all side by side on the mini shelves I keep all my varnishes on.
Barry M Cappuccino -  This is my go-to varnish when I want something natural looking.
Barry M Rasberry -  The colour I'm wearing today, its the perfect deep pink autumn shade.
Barry M Wild Purple -  This is a bit shimmery and I love combining this colour with Rasberry in my nail art.
Topshop Spilled Milk -  My least autumny shade, but recently I have been loving white with some glittery bits fading down the nail.
Barry M Ruby Glitter - The newest addition to my collection and by far my favourite glitter shade to date!
Topshop Rust -  I bought this in summer so I'm not sure if its still available but it reminds me of fallen leaves!
Barry M Esspresso -  I haven't tried this matte varnish yet but it was recommended by a friend, and after being disappointed with Topshop's matteness I'm excited to try one with a little more promise!
Barry M Watermelon -  This teal colour has been a firm favourite of mine all year.
Barry M Grey -  This varnish is so old but I wear it all the time - a testament to Barry M's quality & longevity


Until recently I only wore eyeshadow on nights out or special occasions, but recently I've been wearing it daily and I really like it because I feel like I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with my make up - I like my basic face routine but its nice to change it up sometimes. I have quite a few quad pallets but they are really old so I only featured my newest eyeshadows in the video since they are the ones I've been wearing most recently. 

MAC Orb - I actually bought Orb in the spring time when I had my make up done at MAC, the girl who did my make up said its a really underestimated colour and no one tends to pick it because it doesn't look much in the pot, but it's the most beautiful colour. It's radiant, and I know that sounds like an exaggeration but trust me its not!
MAC Omega - I wanted a neutral, matte colour that I could wear with minimal make up that would also go nicely with Orb and I found the perfect neutral product in Omega. It's a really subtle but beautiful colour.
MAC Swiss Chocolate - This was a complete impulse buy, once I had found Omega I lingered around the MAC eyeshadow counter, I was really looking for a nice autumnal burgundy but when I swatched them they all seemed to come out purple. On a whim I tried out Swiss Chocolate and fell in love, it was the perfect colour to complete my brown/beige MAC trio.


I wanted to put a few lipsticks in this section, at least two anyway! But it appears I don't really have any autumnal shades they are all pinks and peaches at the minute. I'm not a big lipstick wearer anyway, although I have gotten into it more recently but I just find them quite faffy, you have to reapply and constantly check they haven't smudged or gone on your teeth!

Kate Moss for Rimmel 01 - I have rebought this lipstick twice now and I think it is an essential for all make up bags whatever the time of year. But I do think it is particularly appropriate for aumtumn/winter because it's such a deep hue. More pinky or orangey reds are good for summer because they are bright and colourful but I do love a good vampy lip in the autumn. Speaking of does anyone have any recomendations for more dark red lipsticks? Maybe with a bit more purple in them than this one? I've been on the hunt for the perfect shade for a year or so now and still not found quite what I'm looking for!

Sorry about the lengthy post today! Please watch my YouTube video, it would mean the world to me even if only a couple of people saw it - I will definitely be posting some more soon, and hopefully getting a better quality camera to shoot with!


Monday, 14 October 2013

Too Try Hard?

I literally could not look more hipster if I tried today. Got my beanie hat on and my oversized glasses...and no before you ask I do not need glasses, my eyes work perfectly well on their own - these have plastic lenses and I am wearing them purely as an accessory because apparently that's just how pretentious I am these days! I was stood in front of the mirror for ages with this outfit deciding whether or not I looked like I was trying too hard to be cool, then I decided I didn't care - I like the geek glasses and beanie combo, and if it makes me look like a try-hard-pretentious-hipster then so be it.

In other news I am in love with this burgandy/purple scarf from Zara, I bought it a few weeks back while visiting the Boy in Leeds and I've barely taken it off since. I love the colour, the texture, the thickness - but most of all I like how long it is. I really despise scarves that are too short, I generally just wrap this scarf around the once because I like the length of the dangley bits but if it was really cold outside I could wrap it round twice with enough scarf left over to hang down. Well done Zara, you made a good'n!

 Hat - Primark
Glasses - Ebay
Top - New Look (old)
Scarf - Zara
Necklace - H&M
Leggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - New Look (old)

The weather outside has been so miserable and grey these past couple of days and I think that's why I went for dreary, dull colours for this outfit. Having said that I am a big fan of blacks and greys and often wish it was more socially acceptable to wear them throughout summer! Yesterday I literally sent the whole day in bed watching films, doing uni work, reading blogs, catching up on Youtube and chowing down Dominos with my housemate - what a perfect Sunday!

Seriously am in desperate need of a new camera, this one is okay to use on nights out or whatever but for blogging the quality is completely hit and miss. For example, clear as a bell in that last photo, but the one before looks like I've smeared Vaseline all over the lens before I took it!!


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Working Girl

I'm not sure if I mentioned in any earlier posts about my summer but I'll give a brief explaination. Basically, I got a job at Monsoon in May and left New Look to work there, however, because I was doing a lot of travelling this summer I wasn't able to stay on at Monsoon long and had to leave, which was sad because everyone there was so nice and I really like the job! But luckily they gave me my job back when I finally came back to Manchester in late August ready for the new term. So because this outfit is playing a big part in my wardrobe right now I thought I would share it with you all. I do get an allowance and discount, but Monsoon clothes are pretty pricey on a part time wage so I've yet to amass a collection of several pieces, I am making it my mission though.

Jumer -Monsoon
Trousers - Monsoon
Necklace - Accessorize
Bracelet - Accessorize
Shoes - Primark

Although this outfit is much preppier than my normal style I actually really like it. And the trousers fit so well, they pull in your tummy and fit perfectly on the bum ;)


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nars Foundation Review

I've heard so many good things about Nars products but I've never actually tried any of them for myself. I am a massive fan of Tanya Burr and she always raves about Nars products in her Youtube videos, so I decided it was high time I see what all the fuss is about. Being completely unfamiliar with the brand (and because I have a slight ebay obsession right now) I decided to have a look around on ebay and see if I could pick up any bargains before I paid full price for a new item. It was actually my intention of coming away with a tester sized product, but I found this 30ml foundation for a third of its retail price and thought why not?

I bought the Nars firming foundation in Deauville. Now I'm aware that traditionally firming foundation is meant for older ladies who want to plump up their older skin and probably reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But its never too early to start right? And I figure maybe if I'm using firming product now then by the time I am old that my skin will be that of a twenty something's....sound logic yeah?

I was so excited when it arrived, and used it that day while getting ready for a night out. It instantly became my favourite ever foundation, and my housemate commented on how amazing my skin looked! Although its in a shade which is slightly too light for me at the minute I can't fault the finish it gives to your skin. I decided to edge on the side of caution when buying and go lighter, since its really hard to pick a colour match on the internet and also, its coming up to winter and I'm bound to get paler in the next few months!

I prefer foundation which gives quite a good, heavy coverage - not because I have particularly bad skin but just because I like my skin to look flawless if possible, and when I wear light foundations I always feel like I have no make up on! I wouldn't say Nars is too heavy, but it does a really good job at evening out any imperfections, blemishes or changes in skin tone. Because of the even skin tone it gives me I definitely feel like I'm wearing make up with it on, although its a very light texture and it feels very natural on your skin.

So even though I've only been using this foundation for less than a week, it has quickly flown to the top of my list for go-to gorgeous-skin-foundation. And even though I'm trying not to use it everyday but save it for special days, its proving a very hard challenge.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Head Over Heels

I have fallen head over heels in love with this shirt. It is such an easy wear and I love the panel across the bust, not only does it add detail to an otherwise plain old chiffon shirt, but it is a thicker fabric so it means you can wear ANY bra underneath and the pattern doesn't show through - score! I also attempted something new today - layering necklaces. I've layered long necklaces before but I've never worn two short, statement necklaces together and I actually really like the look.

 Shirt - Topshop
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Boots - H&M (old)
Necklaces - Newlook and Topshop
Rings - Unkown


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Why define ourselves?

A few posts back I mentioned that I was trying to dress with a little more sophistication. I do think that generally your style reflects your age and that your wardrobe choices change as you get older. I have definitely found myself steering clear of short, low cut, bodycon dresses - something my seventeen year old self would not have understood. I find it really hard to define my style sometimes, and then I'm just like why should I even bother trying to define it? My wardrobe is a complete mash up of items from very pretty very floaty and girly dresses, to scruffy old biker boots (pictured below!), and even includes the odd preppy jumper or peg leg trouser. I like my eclectic mix of clothes, and even if sometimes I wish I had more of a style that I could definitely define as me, I soon realise that life would be too boring if I stuck to just one look!

 Skirt - New Look
Top - Primark
Blazer - H&M (old)
Tights - Primark
Boots - New Look (old)
Scarf - Thrift Shop
Bowler Hat - Urban Outfitters

If anyone runs a beauty or lifestyle blog, or has any recommendations for good ones, I would love you comment your link in the comment section. I feel like I follow a lot of fashion blogs and not much else - I've always been a big user of make up and will never leave the house without some on, but I'm looking to refine my make up and beauty regime habits a little this autumn so am looking for tips and guidance from my fellow bloggers. Also sorry about the cleavage display above!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Organisation is key

I feel like every time I blog I apologise for not being around and posting as much as I would like, and I'm starting to bore myself with my repetition. I am trying to get my life more organised at the minute because I've just started back at Uni for my final year and I feel like the last two years I have been so unorganised when it comes to Uni work. I have a lot on my plate this year so good organisation is going to be essential - so far so good, but it's only the first week and I'm notoriously bad at staying motivated for long periods of time! SO it is my intention to post regularly, however I make no promises because I want to enjoy writing for my blog as much as possible and not feel like it is a chore that I am fitting in around my other commitments. I love writing my blog and I want it to stay that way, its my own space where I can record my life...which leads me onto another topic...I'm going to make this more of a lifestyle blog, primarily I will still include a lot of fashion because that's a big part of my life and what I'm interested in. But I also want to include more miscellaneous aspects of my life, so keep tuned! 

 Dress - Primark
Scarf - Charity Shop
Tights - Primark
Boots - Donated to me by my Auntie
Necklace - Accessorize

It was my 21st birthday last month and I had no idea what I wanted so my Dad told me he would get me a combined Birthday/Christmas present of large proportions (lucky me!) when I decided on something. I'm torn between a DSLR camera and a mac book - I'm leaning towards the camera I think since a) its cheaper and I hate asking people for presents anyway let alone ones which cost £1000 like the mac b) my laptop has served me well over the years and there is nothing wrong with it. Which one would you opt for if you were me??

Oh and what do you think of my new layout? You probably don't remember my old one, but I've opted for a much simpler design because I thought it helped make my actual posts clearer and it just looks more sleek. Hope you like it!