Thursday, 13 February 2014

Be My Valentine?

Last year me and the Boy went all out for Valentine's Day, something I'm really not that into. I don't like the cheese, the stuffed teddy's, the flowers....the chocolates I will allow because chocolates are acceptable each and every day of the year! You can read about my experiences in my post here, and I do have to say I was slightly converted to the Valentine's ways, but I am relieved to be giving it a miss this year!

The Boy now lives in Leeds so its harder to see each other and we weren't actually supposed to be spending tomorrow together since I'm working. But I was in Leeds yesterday and missed my coach back to Manchester so I decided to stay until tomorrow afternoon. Since we weren't supposed to be together we have no plans for tomorrow and I'm happy about that! It's a relief not to have to make plans for a day of the year which means nothing to us as a couple and which is always crowded with lovey-dovey couples and red heart decorations.

We have actually made one go to the gym together! Can you all just pause and take a second for the romance of it all to really sink in?